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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Winners of the 'Your Story' contest
Magic Mist fight against smoking!

Thanks to all of you who participated in this contest and submitted their stories telling us how E-cigarettes and/or Magic Mist has made a difference in their life.

We very sincerely appreciate your inputs and were extremely happy how we have been able to help some of you in this fight against cancer.

Following are the winners of this contest:

All Youtube submissions received a $30 store credit and were sent that information separately Please let us know if anybody submitted a video and did not receive the $30 coupon details.

Following are the winners of 2 packs of cartridges for submitting their stories in email:

1. Thomas Carlton
2. Megan Asselin
3. Jack L Marti
4. Myles Masters
5. Ana Ramon
6. Sandy Hayes
7. Evie Hadlock
8. Betty Steward
9. June Willimas-Hopson
10. Ruth McCoy

Additionally, following people were runners up and are eligible for 1 pack of cartridges:
1. Alexander Jenkins
2. Tom Morgan
3. Cheryl cicoli
4. Martha marcellus

Finally, the Winners!!
Some of the stories we received were very heart-warming. We had a tough time to decide the winners from all the submissions and after many deliberations, following 4 stories made it to the final round.

Two people tied at the 3rd place. Both will receive 4 packs of cartridges
Tonya L. Shisler
Rebecca Vant

2nd Prize: Winner will receive 6 packs of cartridges
Dawn Foster

1st Prize: Winner will receive an option to fly to Florida or receive 12 packs of cartridges
Jane Boucher

We suggest that all the people mentioned above should mention about this in their next order and we will include appropriate number of extra packs in their packages. We will contact the 1st Prize winner separately with more details.

Thank you again for your participation and support!!