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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Customer stories in their own words
How E-cigarettes helped me?

Stories from our customers in their own words how E-Cigarettes have helped them!

Customer from MA, United States

I am a 56 year old female and began smoking at the age of 16. I was smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day and could Never be without cigarettes. I also have had Chron's Disease, which if effected daily by smoking but that did not matter to me because u was young and thought it was not that serious but at the age of 32 I was told I needed surgery because I was unable to eat anything and had been taking steroids so long they were not working anymore. After over a week in the hospital and 8 week recovery did I quit smoking.... Oh no, started right back up. In 2008, My father died lung cancer and I made a promise that I would quit but did not even try till one year later. For 2 years I tried all the nicotine products, prescribed medications and cold turkey but after several attempts, they ALL Failed!!!!! I finally found the E-Cigatette which I began to use but I still smoked regular cigarettes and was ordering from two different companies, trying to decided which one was best.

In Mach 2012, I was told I needed another surgery and before I went I found the "MAGIC MIST" site and the prices were much less than the other companies I had been using so I gave them a try. I had surgery and found out I had cancer so my kids gave permission to remove during the surgery and I have been using MAGIC MIST ever since! I no longer order from any other company. They have great products, prices, and compatibility with practically every E-Cigarette made. Even if you have money invested with another company, you can still order from MAGIC MIST and continue to use the batteries and chargers you already have. Once you try their product, I am certain that you will be a returning customer.

I have not smoked a real cigarette since my first order with MAGIC MIST. I think it was because they have cartridges from 24mg to 0mg. I started with 24mg and I now use 12mg or sometimes 6mg. I was amazed at the prices of All their products because everything is cheaper than other companies. I have to say that they also have the best customer service and go above and beyond to keep customers happy. I have had lots of questions and a few little problems but they did everything they could to rectify the problem in a timely fashion! Even though I have been using the E-Cigarette for 3 years,MAGIC MIST is the only company that helped educate me about how to use and care for the product. I am grateful for this company because I have no desire for a regular cigarette, i hate the smell, feel so much better and I am cancer free!

Customer from AR, United States

My husband started smoking when he was 16 years old in 1970 and I had started smoking in 1974. In 2009, my husband's friend from high school had told us about an electronic ecig, so I began my search. After a few years trying out different products that started off good and then went bad or changed formulas, I kept searching for varieties of ecig tastes that helped me while my husband just gave up and went back to smoking again. Once in a while he would use an electric cigarette. He was doing both cigarettes and ecigs. I had already laid cigarettes down in late October 2011, so I had been smoke free even though he still smoked. But after finding TheMagicMist in late 2011 and into 2012, he was smoking less and using TheMagicMist more.
For years, he had been bothered with a snoring problem, with a lot of coughing but the more he used TheMagicMist ecigs the less the snoring became until about the middle of April, 2012, when he made up his mind to lay the cigarettes down and hoped that TheMagicMist would keep the quality and taste he had come to enjoy, unlike other ecig companies he had tried. Finding TheMagicMist was the ecig company that helped him make his choice to quit cigarettes.

Our Family Doctor had kept track of our progress since the Fall of 2010 since we had told him about our usage of electronic cigarettes. I had drastic wheezing and frequent hoarseness when I would go out to sing at festivals, Oprys and Jamborees. My husband had been battling the coughing and snoring along with congestion and other problems. Looking back I remember in the Spring of 2011, my family Doctor had noticed I didn't having the wheezing as bad and 8 months later, after another check up, the Doctor said my lungs sounded like brand new and told me to keep up the good work but would rather I lay it all down, but I couldn't. The Doctor also noticed my husband's breathing was getting better in the summer of 2012. We had also went to our allergist in Hot Springs, AR. We told the allergist that we were using an electric cigarette and he was impressed and agreed with our Family Doctor concerning our breathing and health improvement and wrote down on records, "NON-SMOKER"! My Husband still battles allergy problems but nothing as bad as when he was smoking cigarettes.
A month or so ago, my husband was having allergy problems and our Family Doctor wanted to have X-rays done to make sure nothing had settled into his lungs. X-rays came back and his lungs were clear. We both believe TheMagicMist electric cigarettes helped make the difference.
Although he still battles allergy problems, he can breath better and doesn't cough or snore anymore. Thank you so much for the quality and Customer Service we have received and I can honestly say that TheMagicMist has made a difference in out lives and looking forward to a healthier and longer life thanks to your products.
August 29, 2013

P.S. - Many thanks to my wife for not giving up on me. Trying to quit smoking after forty-two years was a real struggle. But with my health problems getting more severe, something had to be done. Quitting cigarettes became an all-out effort, with little success and many disappointments After trying several companies, my wife introduced me to TheMagicMist. Finally, a taste in an e-cig that was as satisfying as the cigarettes I was trying to quit. Success came quickly - the snoring stopped; the sore throat problems went away; I began to sleep much better; food began to taste better; my paycheck began going further; the house began to smell better; and so did I!
I join my wife in saying, "Thank You" to TheMagicMist. I fully endorse your product. I can do this because of what I have experienced by using your product. Keep up the good work! P.P.S. - Please do not change the formula on your Sliver 24mg cartridges. That formula has kept me off cigarettes for seventeen months - I never thought it would happen. It did, and thank you, again!
August 29, 2013

Customer from AZ, United States

My Grandmother died of lung cancer 10 years ago. On August 7, of 2013, my Mother died of the same dreaded disease. They both suffered tremendously due to the harmful side effects of smoking. The cancer they both had can ONLY be caused by smoking traditional cigarettes and cigars. My father lost both his mother and wife to an expensive "habit". He WILL NOT lose his daughter in such a fashion! I am a 42 year old house wife with a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children. All three of them have begged me to quit smoking for years. I have tried to quit numerous times, but always went back to my faithful ways. It's mainly because I get bored at home alone all day. I have smoked since I was about 15. I have tried cold turkey, pills, patches, gum, and more, but they didn't satisfy my hand to mouth habit.

I "NEEDED" my cigarettes, I thought. Especially during this time of heartache and loss. It was my father, Wayne Kelley, who gave me my first Magic Mist E-Cigarette. He too, wants to see me break my deadly habit. I was skeptical at first, but to please my father during the loss of my mother, I honored his wish and tried it. It was truly "magical". You got the name right! Since that first cartridge, I have not smoked a traditional cigarette. Even with my grief, I'm not compelled to buy another pack of cigarettes, only cartridges. I'm not eating as much as I have during the previous times I have attempted to stop smoking. So, I'm not gaining weight. This is a HUGE plus for me, and everyone else I assume. I still get the pleasure of nicotine, seeing the "smoke", and the urge to have something in my hand, but without harming myself or others. My family has noticed that I am not as "mean or short tempered" as I have been each time I would stop in the past also.

I noticed that my taste buds were coming back within a week. My sense of smell became stronger inside 2 weeks. I'm not out of breath all the time anymore either. I have told all of my smoking friends and family that this is the way to go if you really feel you just can't quit. You don't have too. You just have to change what it is you smoke. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me become a healthier person. My family thanks you as well. I just wanted you to know that your product has changed not only my life, but those I love as well.

Customer from WA, United States

E-cigerettes changed my husband from a 2-pack a day smoker and stroke victim to a non-smoker

In July 2012, my husband who was a 2-pack-a-day smoker for all his adult life had a small stroke and a large wake-up call. At 41-years old, the stroke was a shock to all of us, despite the fact that he smoked cigarettes for so long. He was lucky enough to not have any permanent damage, however the next few months included several visits to a neurologist and to his regular doctor.

Of course one of the first priorities was to stop smoking but even with this life-changing event it was easier said than done. We weighed the different options such as the patch and nicotine gums and decided to try e-cigarettes. My mother-in-law had recently quit smoking after decades and switched to the e-cigarettes so he decided to give it a try.

It was amazing how easy it was for him to give up something that was so much a part of who he was. Not only was he not smoking at all anymore, he was taking in a fraction of the nicotine that he did while smoking. Over the next few months, with medication and the use of the e-cigarettes, his blood pressure dropped into the normal ranges and has stayed normal since then.

We tried several brands, however we found that since we live in a small town that often the stores would run out or change brands on us. We found Magic Mist and began ordering solely through them and also have recommended it to others that do the same. Both Magic Mist and e-cigarettes have been literal life savers as well as saving us hundreds of dollars a month. Thank you for a great product!