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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Customer stories in their own words
How E-cigarettes helped me?

Stories from our customers in their own words how E-Cigarettes have helped them!

Customer from TX, United States

I lit up my first cigarette at eleven years old. Back in the 60's, smoking was accepted, and when my mom finally discovered my secret, she merely said, "If you are old enough to smoke, you are adult enough to do it in front of me! So, after that I did. It was not unusual to receive cartons of cigarettes as gifts, for Christmas and birthdays. I am ashamed to say, that even while pregnant with my daughters, I still continued to smoke well into my pregnancies. My doctors knew I smoked, yet made no real effort to discourage me. I smoked, on and off, for over 40 years! I honestly liked smoking, and never gave any serious thought to quitting.

As more and more information came to light about the dangers of smoking, my children begged me to stop....I even smoked when my grandkids were in the house!

After all, my grandmother, and my mother, smoked all of their adult lives. Sure my mom had high blood pressure, and they both died of heart attacks.....

One day, my daughter came home from the mall with a disposable electronic cigarette...I was very skeptical, but since she had actually paid $30 for it, I thought I would humor her, and give it a shot. I had no intention of it going any further than that....Till later that evening, my 8 year old grandson came to me and handed me ten dollars. I frowned a bit, and asked, "What's this?" He said "Grammy, I want you to take my allowance and use it to buy more of those safe cigarettes." I replied, "Oh no, honey. Grandma can't take your money!" "Grammy", he replied, "I don't want you to die, please stop smoking!"

At this point, I was in tears at this heartfelt gesture. I knew I had to quit. He had accomplished with a bit of sincerity and love, what no one else had ever been able to do. I was going to quit smoking. It didn't happen overnight, but after about 3 weeks, and a lot of research, I had switched over completely to electronic cigarettes. I haven't picked up a real one in almost 4 years.

Customer from MA, United States

I was a smoker ever since I was 14, I'm now 26 years old. I quit smoking a pack (sometimes more) a day with the use of e-cigarettes. My 9 year old son constantly begged me to quit smoking, and I just had the hardest time doing it. I tried almost everything; the patch, the gum: I always relapsed. I ended up getting a groupon one day to try an e-cigarette package; I figure why not? What's the worst that could happen?A couple weeks later I got that package in the mail; I tried e-cigarettes for the first time and NEVER looked back. I have been using magic mist for a few months now, and I have to say: their prices, product, and customer service are the best I've seen when dealing with this product. I will be a customer for a VERY long time coming :) Thank you, Magic Mist for helping me quit smoking not only for my 9 year old son, but for myself.

Customer from CO, United States

E-cigarettes are a life saver, February of 2011 had a CT scan for an unrelated condition, 3 days later the doctor and radiologist told me to go fro follow up at the pulmonary nodule clinic at the local hospital, they saw spots on the lower right lung. My wife took me to the mall that evening and got me started with e-cigarettes after 40+ years of reds. Didn't think it was for real, but did it for 7 days, bummed a smoke from the neighbor and was surprised to put it down after a couple of drags. Now a little over 2-1/2 years later have a clean bill of health, as far as the lungs are concerned. Told the doctors when I made the switch and most gave me the atta boy. Not really what I expected, but some are really keeping up with the advances that save lives.The compatible products at TMM are again saving me as the local dealer stopped caring my favorite product. Thank you Magic Mist

Customer from FL, United States

I was a smoker for 30 years, I tried chantix and nicotine patches for over 5 times and was not able to quit my cigarette habit.
My sister in-law introduced ecigs to me and said they may help... well I went out and brought one and I didn't use it that often and then my husband who was also a smoker got copd and I had to quit so he could quit,I got a mistic ecig and started to use it and eliminated all my cigarettes.I am a nonsmoker 13 months to date and I am a true believer in ecig and I love the magic mist cartridges they taste like a real cigarette to me and I am now using them without the nicotine since I was able to reduce the nicotine to zero.I highly recommend them to all smokers who are trying to quit.I have purchased them for family and friends who smoke.Thanks for making a great product.