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MagicMist Compatible Cartridges

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Magic Mist Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges

High quality combined with low prices (from 5% to up to 30% lower than the top ecig brands) make the MagicMist cartridges the perfect solution for your e-cig needs. We are so confident in our product that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

We researched customer reviews and worked with our supplier to improve the quality of the refill cartridges. As a result, the MagicMist cartridges have better taste and yield a thicker vapor. The e-liquid used in our cartridges is one of the most popular in the industry. The supplier of our cartridges has its own Tobacco farms and R&D laboratory to create a liquid with perfect combination of different ingredients to give it a rich smooth flavor.

All the MagicMist cartridges are in either a rich, traditional Tobacco or refreshing, cool mint Menthol flavor. Nicotine levels can be selected from 0mg (Zero), 6mg (Low), 11mg (Medium), 18mg (High), and 24mg (X-High) to suit your specific need.

The MagicMist Tobacco cartridges are tan in color and Menthol cartridges are black in color. All packs have 5 carts in the pack.

We have compatible cartridges for over 50 major brands in the electronic cigarettes industry. If you don't see your brand in the list below, please contact us at: or (847)-748-2025 and we would work with you to find the most compatible cartridge for your battery.

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Note: We only sell The MagicMist branded products. The MagicMist products are compatible with many leading e-cig brands, but we are not affiliated with any other e-cig brand in any capacity.